Recommended for SMALL AMOUNT of areas that need improvement or
small in size.


Recommended for MEDIUM or MODERATE AMOUNT of areas that need improvement or medium in size.”


Recommended for LARGE AMOUNT of areas that need improvement or
large in size.


Frequently asked questions

Arms, waist, hips, belly, butt, and thighs.

Apply twice-daily and massage a generous amount on those areas that improvement is needed.

BODY NICE 247 works by firming, toning, tightening and shaping up your problem areas, while supporting the reduction of cellulose, to establish one’s natural contour and body shape.

Doctor Fox is the founder. He has been a medical professional for nearly 30 years. He has traveled worldwide and he is highly accomplished. In addition, he has learned a lot about Eastern and Western medical philosophies and the marketing of effective skin care products. He strongly believes in all-natural and organic products, as being the best for the human body.

Everyone has a different body with different problem areas. Therefore, results may vary with each customer. However, BODY NICE 247 is marketed to produce guaranteed results, in as little as four weeks of continuous use, as directed; amazing results after three months of continuous use, as directed and the best results after six months of continuous use, as directed.

• It is our founder’s philosophy to always give back and that’s why promotions are structured with a free product offering.
• We keep our prices low by getting a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. Television advertisement and celebrity endorsements are very costly and companies that use this form of promotion, offsets their expenses by increasing the prices of their products. BODY NICE 247 does not. Instead, we are grateful of the large amount of word-of-mouth advertising that we receive, from our growing list of many happy customers. When customers promote our product on their social media platforms, it saves us a lot in advertisement dollars and we give that savings back to customers, by keeping our prices competitively very low.
• We give non-celebrity artists opportunities to use their musical skills, talents and genius by working with our marketing department, to promote positive messages that are in alignment with our corporate values.
• We empower, inspire and uplift those who see and hear our messages.

BODY NICE 247 is a two-time recipient of the distinguished Smith Goldstein Excellent Skincare Award. Our product has proven to be superior and that’s what it was voted #1 by the committee of the distinguished Smith Goldstein Excellent Skincare Award.

Since winning our awards, as a preeminent leader in the skincare industry, there has been an increasingly very high demand for our product. However, for the safety of employees and customers, our company remains steadfast in adherence to strict COVID 19 precautions. These two elements, a high demand for our product and our strict COVID 19 precautions, may result in a slight delay of receiving your order. But we process orders quickly.

Each testimonial is from a real person.

• VOTED #1