About Us

Hi I’m Doctor Fox, medical professional for over 24 years, entrepreneur and founder of Body Nice 247. As far back as I can remember I was indoctrinated with a strong belief, during my upbringing, to make a difference in our world by making a difference amongst those within the human family. It is this belief that led me into the medical field. As Doctor Fox, commonly called “Doc”, by my friends, coworkers and patients, I used my knowledge learned about the human body after working with countless patients, to market a superior skincare product.

On behalf of the entire company, we at Body Nice 247 are truly blessed and grateful to serve you, the customer. It is our honor and duty to serve you, with the very best. I understand that a company is only as strong as the support it gets from the customer. Hence, we are truly grateful and honored of the support that our customers have given us. Our product remains in high demand and our gratitude is beyond words. We are also thankful of our long list of growing satisfied happy customers who us send testimonials of how our product has favorably impacted them. We pledge and promise to continuously task ourselves with providing the best service and the best products.